What Are The Best Prepper and Survival Websites?

52 Top rated survival and prepper websites and blogs

One of the very interesting aspects to the survival gear market in the United States is the fact that there are thousands and thousands of survival websites. This is likely due to the influence from the popular shows like Survivorman and Doomsday Preppers, but notwithstanding, the American populous has been prepping since before the country was founded, although there are certainly many more suppliers to choose from.

Despite the fact that we at Year Zero Survival sell survival gear and supplies, our customers often times want to know who some of the other high quality survival resources and prepper websites are. And with our continued focus on transparency and education at Year Zero Survival, here are a few websites to consider as you’re looking at survival gear and other outdoor supplies.

Hopefully many of you will find this list to be extremely helpful.

The following are 52 of the best prepper websites and blogs on the Internet…

  1. Survival Blog
  2. American Preppers Network
  3. The Survival Mom
  4. SHTFPlan.com
  5. Survival 4 Christians
  6. Urban Survival
  7. Backdoor Survival
  8. Off Grid Survival
  9. Modern Survival Online
  10. The Survivalist Blog
  11. Survivors Fortress
  12. Prepper Website
  13. The Survival Podcast
  14. Doom And Bloom
  15. Provident Living Today
  16. Prepper.org
  17. Prepared Christian
  18. SHTFblog.com
  19. Survival Cache
  20. Modern Survival Blog
  21. Rural Revolution
  22. Preparedness Advice Blog
  23. Prep-Blog.com
  24. Survival And Prosperity
  25. TEOTWAWKI Blog
  26. The Neighbor Network
  27. The Apartment Prepper
  28. Armageddon Online
  29. The Berkey Guy Blog
  30. The Home For Survival
  31. My Family Survival Plan
  32. Year Zero
  33. Prepper Dashboard
  34. Bacon And Eggs
  35. SHTF School
  36. Canadian Preppers Network
  37. Maximum Survival
  38. Survivor Jane
  39. Prepping To Survive
  40. SaltnPrepper
  41. SGTReport
  42. SHTF Wiki
  43. Jewish Preppers
  44. Survival Magazine
  45. Survival Week
  46. Prepper Forums
  47. Survivalist Boards
  48. Tactical Intelligence
  49. The Prepared Ninja
  50. Common Sense Homesteading
  51. Survivallife
  52. Geek Prepper
  53. Bunker Basics

So there are quite a few companies you may consider as you go about your survival research. Although I can’t say these companies are ‘the best’ in U.S. per se, they do have an established history of quality information and products.

Will You Be Prepared when the SHTF?

Of course, if you are looking to get premium quality survival products, we at Year Zero Survival are always ready to assist.

Happy Prepping!

I’m Married To A Prepper . . . What Do I Do Now?

First, I would like to say congratulations! And secondly, I’m not a fan of the “prepper” label, I prefer to use “realist” or “survivalist”. With the popularity of TV shows like Doomsday Preppers, a “prepper” has become a stigma the mainstream media and often called nutty, crazy or just out there.

I'm Married To A Prepper . . . What Do I Do Now?

So back to your “realist” spouse, it’s important to know what exactly they are preparing for, and are you embracing or opposing it? Was it a recent event or has this been going on from the beginning of your relationship? Many “survivalists” have a specific trigger event or future fearful event that they focus on.

Communication is key, it’s better to discuss everything openly, and be partners. I have heard of the excessive “realists” that can spend everyday and almost every dollar on their preps, the ones usually portrayed on TV. With open communication and a set plan, it can bring you closer together as a couple or tear you apart. Either way, Talk it out.

In your discussions, you should find out why it’s important to prepare. “Independence, self reliance, survival, family, etc…” what makes emergency preparedness important to you and your spouse that matters most.

If you can’t be a part of it, please don’t mock it. Your spouse cares enough about you to include you. It’s easy to think, “It’ll never happen to me”, until it does. Mother nature, happens so it’s best to be as prepared as possible. You wouldn’t go on vacation without packing a suitcase…


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12 Best Vehicles For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse 

12 Best Vehicles For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse

Since the episode last night of Doomsday Preppers had a guy modifying an old school bus to be his battle wagon after the destruction caused by of an F5 tornado, I thought I would share this article showing other options you might consider. While I will admit, part of me wants to build my own gassifier engine and go to town on an old bus with a cutting torch, these options below come with considerably less work, risk of fire and could run much better than that old yellow tank. If nothing else, you won’t need to make your own employees work on this for you. For the rest of us that don’t have our own companies that might be a non-starter.

If you are going to purchase a vehicle that you can use to bug out, one of these beauties below might be the ticket. The good folks at the HiConsumption site pulled this great list together.

With The Walking Dead season premiere set to kick off in just over a week, we once again got to thinking about the zombie apocalypse. We got you covered last year with a list of zombie proof gear to help fend off the undead, but the reality is you aren’t going to be able to take on those flesh eating zombies on foot. You need wheels, and your current vehicle just isn’t going to cut it. Now imagine for a second that you had perfect circumstances – imagine you can get your hands on nearly anything you could think of (within reason of course). That’s the approach we took when creating this list of the best vehicles for the zombie apocalypse. You need something reliable, capable, and let’s be honest, you need something badass. You’ve been prepping for this zombie outbreak for years now, and you want to let everyone know that you are the baddest S.O.B. on the planet. Check out some of our favorite options for the end of the world in the 12 best vehicles for surviving the zombie apocalypse below.

Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops

1. Chevrolet Silverado Black Ops

Let’s start things off with a practical choice. Chevy makes a solid truck, there’s no doubt about it, and this one was built specifically for unforeseen emergencies. Although we can’t say that the zombie outbreak was “unforeseen,” we can certainly classify it as an emergency. The fully capable 4×4 features a 5.3 liter EcoTec3 V8 engine with plenty of power (355 ponies to be exact) along with lower body armor, raised suspension, solar power pack, generator, military First Aid Kit, gas masks, a crate of food with Top Ramen and Twinkies (your new favorite food groups in this post apocalyptic world), and a whole lot more. [Details]

Motoped Motorized Bicycle

2. Motoped Motorized Bicycle

You’re going to need something that is nimble and quick. Sure the big bulky trucks have their place, but a solid 2 wheeled companion is an essential. Motoped created a simple conversion kit that lets you outfit your mountain bike with Honda 50-190cc motor for about $1,000. [Details]

Hyundai Zombie Survival Car

3. Hyundai Zombie Survival Car

If Hyundai is good enough for Rick and his crew on The Walking Dead, we’d suffice to say that it’s good enough for us. Thankfully the folks at Hyundai take their zombie response research very seriously, and have outfitted one of their Elantra coupes with a ton of security features from a zombie plow with massive spikes to armored windows and spiked all terrain tires for going where no other vehicle can go. [Details]

Knight XV Fully Armored SUV

4. Knight XV Fully Armored SUV

Who says you can’t stay drenched in luxury in this new post-apocalyptic world? The Knight XV is luxury and ruggedness, fused into one completely bad-ass SUV. The vehicle is packed with a 6.8 liter V10 engine, seating for 6, night vision cameras and bulletproof armor. [Details]

Gibbs Quadski Amphibious 4 Wheel Drive Quad

5. Gibbs Quadski Amphibious 4 Wheel Drive Quad

It’s been debated for years whether or not zombies will be able to swim. From our extensive research (hundreds of hours watching zombie movies and shows), we’re going to go with no, they can’t swim. The 4WD Gibbs Quadski is perfect for tackling tough terrain, and within 5 seconds, the vehicle can tuck its tires to hit the water. Thanks to the 175 horsepower engine, you can hit speeds of up 45 miles per hour on land, which is plenty fast to leave those undead bastards in the rear view. [Details]

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6

6. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6

Not only will MB’s 6 wheeled off road monster provide you with a fully capable means of transportation, but it will also bring about some nice entertainment. For such a massive vehicle (8,400 pound curb weight), the 5.5 liter AMG V8 powered 6×6 is actually quite agile. Although it’s based on the military version, this thing handles more like a truck than a tank. [Details]

Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

7. Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

The folks at Sportsmobile design rugged Mercedes-Benz and Ford E-350 vans that are capable of tackling any off road terrain, while also providing a mobile home living experience. The cargo van has been equipped with everything one needs to survive in the wild, with plenty of room for bikes and water vessels. [Details]

KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

8. KTM 990 Adventure Baja Edition

Again, enclosed cars and trucks are great, but 2 wheelers serve a vital role in your survival. There are few motorcycles that perform quite like this bad boy from KTM. Crowned the most off road capable travel enduro in the world, the 990 Adventure Baja has been outfitted with everything you need from suspension to power plant to ensure that you can transition from the asphalt to the dirt roads. There’s a slim chance anyone will be keeping up with road maintenance after the virus spreads, and this V-Twin powered machine will be able to tackle any beaten road you can throw at it. [Details]

WaterCar Panther Amphibious Jeep

9. WaterCar Panther Amphibious Jeep

It goes without saying that a Jeep Wrangler will always be a solid choice when it comes to the inevitable apocalypse. You can’t go wrong when it comes to Jeep, but a Jeep that can quickly convert to a boat? Now that’s a real winner. Assuming that zombies can’t swim, this thing is great for escaping those sticky situations. Packed with a 3.7 liter V6 motor built by the Japanese auto makers at Honda, this Jeep is capable of speeds exceeding 40 miles per hour on water, and 80 mph on land. The best part is the transition from land vehicle to boat takes only 15 seconds. [Details]

Pal V One Personal Air and Land Vehicle

10. Pal V One Personal Air and Land Vehicle

Technically the results are still inconclusive when it comes to zombie’s ability to swim (although we think not), but there is one thing we’d put money on – zombies will not be able to fly. With that being said taking to the air can be risky business during this zombie infested time era (imagine crashing into a horde of zombies), but bear with us on this vehicle. The Pal V One acts like a sports car on the ground, accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 8 seconds, while reaching a top speed of 112 mph. In just minutes, the vehicle can be transformed into a Gyro-Copter, flying at altitudes of about 4,000 feet (well below commercial flight routes, although we can’t imagine there will be many commercial flights during the zombie apocalypse). The vehicle’s fuel tank can store enough fuel for over 300 miles of flight time. Now this vehicle is currently still in the “development” process, but the concept, if executed well, could make a nice addition to your stable of vehicles rather than your sole choice of transportation. [Details]

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

11. Mercedes-Benz Unimog

The folks at Benz said it best when they said the monster of a vehicle known as the Unimog offers “absolute off-road supremacy.” You can take Mercedes’ word for it, or you can research the 10 different models that were designed for disaster emergencies in the harshest conditions. This could be a bit impractical as your only means of transportation, but it could be a huge asset in your stash of vehicles. [Details]

Paramount Group Marauder

12. Paramount Group Marauder

Hands down the baddest vehicle on the planet, the Marauder will withstand any test you throw at it. The armored vehicle destroys everything in its path. Features include long range fuel tanks, the ability to survive TNT explosions, ultra modern climate control system, run flat tire that can be pierced by 12.7mm bullets, anti blast seats, and so much more. The vehicle has a fording depth of half the vehicle, meaning it can swim too. Reaching speeds of 120 kilometers per hour, this thing is far from a slouch. If you can get your hands on one of these, do it. [Details]

Source: 12 Best Vehicles For Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse – Trendwerks

7 Ways to Prep for an Economic Collapse

With Trump becoming president, many believe he’ll be able to pull the United States out of its financial difficulties, that everything will finally be ok. However, it doesn’t take a genius to see that things are not necessarily going to get better, especially if you look at the first moves he has made since he came into office.

Trump doesn’t have an alternative to Obamacare, and the almost $20 trillion debt is not going to vanish. In addition, Trump himself said on more than one occasion that we’re in a bubble and, if that bubble were to burst, we’re all in trouble.

No one man, not even the president, is capable of fixing all of the country’s problems. An economic collapse could be triggered by a number of things; let’s not forget that Venezuela descended into chaos after a series of socialist measures followed by the drop in oil prices.

Fortunately, the prepper movement can teach us a thing or two about surviving a dollar collapse. Now, I’m not going to talk about gold, silver, hedge funds or any of the topics you guys know much more about than me. Instead, I’m going to stick to what I know and offer you other ways to prepare, ways that won’t make you look like a crazy Doomsday prepper.

#1. Get Out of Debt

Trivial, I know, but it’s worth repeating a thousand times. Why else are 80% of Americans in debt? There are various theories of what would happen to debt post-collapse and none of them are pretty. The most likely scenario is that you’ll still owe money to the banks, and with an inflation spinning out of control, anything can happen.

#2. Stock Up On Basic Foods

Beans, rice, water… you’ll needs lots of if you’re going to survive a long-term disaster. Many non-preppers think that stockpiling is all about MREs and freeze-dried foods. Quite the opposite; you should be storing foods you already eat, and have a variety of them in your pantry.

#3 Stock Up On Barter Items

Before money, there was bartering, and each economic collapse or recession sees people going back to this form of trading to avoid cash. You probably heard about preppers stocking up on toilet paper, right? This cheap item is going to be one of the most sought-after item when store shelves are empty… but you don’t have to fill your attic with it, you know.

There are other items you can add to your stockpile for dark days: tooth paste, floss, gardening tools, clothes, books and so on.  Add to these food, water and medical supplies, of course, most people living in cities will be desperate for them.

#4. Always Have Cash on Hand

Unless you want your money trapped in banks and your cards locked (like people in Greece experienced during their economic collapsed), you’re going to need cash to pay for things. No, I’m not saying money will be useless; that’s not what prepping is about.

#5. Think About the Other Disasters and Emergencies That Could Affect You

An economic collapse will bring with a huge amount of problems: riots, gun fights and an increase in looting, burglaries, home invasions and so on. I’m not saying they will affect you, but you have to think about your safety and security.

#6. Become Partially Self-Sufficient

You don’t have to move out to the wilderness and live in a wooden cabin with no Internet. Starting a garden, installing a few solar panels and setting up a rainwater harvesting system are few things you can do to ensure you have food, water and energy, when the others won’t.

#7. Focus on Your Skills

No, I’m not going to suggest you should learn how to milk a cow or how to forage for wild edibles. Unless you’re interested in learning them, of course. The thing about skills is that, once you learn one, you can barter with it again and again because everyone will want you to help them.

So which skills will be useful in an economic collapse? Things like first aid, plumbing, woodworking, fixing cars, fixing computers and other electronic devices come to mind… but the reality is that any skill could come in handy.

I’m willing to bet almost everyone knows how to do something that could be useful post-collapse. The “trick” is to improve on that skill so you’re able to help as many people as possible. In addition, how about you take on a hobby you were meaning to, but never got to? Gardening, fishing, woodworking – these are just a few of the skills that could come in handy post-collapse.

Final Words

Regardless of whether or not you believe an economic collapse is coming, one thing is clear: there is a chance it will happen. So why not take a few simple steps to prep for it?

Dan F. Sullivan


Survival Movies: A list of some of our favorite survival related movies of all time.

Year Zero Survival’s favorite movie list:

Panic In Year Zero
The Omega Man
I Am Legend
The Last Man on Earth
The Road
The Day After
28 Days
The Book of Eli
The Edge
Cry In The Wild
127 Hours
Into The Wild
Open Water
Red Dawn
The Day After Tomorrow
The Naked Prey
Deep Impact
Flight of The Phoenix

Bonus, our favorite TV survival show:

How Much Is Too Much?

Long term food supplies is one of the 37 critical things you should hoard as a doomsday prepper

What do you use your Stockpile for?

I honestly use my stockpile every day! I use it for meal planning, everyday cooking, and keep enough on hand for a rainy day. No one wants to have to go to the store several times a week. It is nice to be prepared with grocery store staples right in the comfort of your own home, in addition to being prepared for any potential natural disasters. You can buy a little at a time or take advantage of stockpile sales like the one on right now at Year Zero Survival.

Order a bucket or two today!

Top Tip: Rotate your stockpile, so that you are using a ‘First in, First used’ format.

FREE: Family Emergency Planning Kit

A good survival checklist can go a long way. Whether it’s a doomsday preppers supply list or a simple disaster escape route, every family needs an emergency plan, even though hopefully you’ll never need to use it!

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9 Prepping Lessons from American Blackout

Like millions of others on Sunday night, I plopped down in front of the TV to watch National Geographic’s American Blackout. I was curious to see how the hypothetical scenario of a 10 day nationwide power outage caused by terrorism would be portrayed. I was also watching this as I do with each episode of Doomsday Preppers to gain new insight or ideas from the other people on the show. While there are some silly moments and outlandish situations on some of the more notorious prepping shows, there are always nuggets of information if you know where to find them and are willing to look at things with an open mind.

As I watched American Blackout, I pulled some obvious conclusions out of the examples of people who were videoing themselves after this pretend emergency and jotted them down.

1 – Always have some cash

The scenario is a nationwide power outage and like we discussed in our Blackout checklist, that means that a lot of life’s modern conveniences aren’t going to work. Things we take for granted like running to the ATM for a little cash aren’t going to be possible in a power outage. One of the characters was a father who was trying to get his very pregnant wife and child back home as he navigated the streets that had descended into pandemonium because the traffic signals were out. Sensing how this might be a problem he tells his wife that he was going to go “get some cash” only to come back to the car with an empty wallet and a worried look on his face.

Don’t let this happen to you! There is no reason to not have some cash on hand with you at all times or at least where you can get to it. I recommend having at least a month’s worth of cash on hand if you can afford this, but even a couple hundred dollars would have kept this family in water and some food if they acted quickly enough. If ATM’s and Banks are closed, chances are your credit cards, debit cards and EBT cards won’t work either. If stores can’t take credit, you will need cash. Make sure you have some cash stored in a safe place at home or in your car that is never spent and is ready if needed in an emergency.

2 – Water and food are necessities


We have covered this topic in a lot of different ways, but it bears repeating until it is never any issue anymore. In any disaster or crisis, food and water will be snatched up first and food and water are two of the most important things you need to have. Make sure that you aren’t the Yuppie couple who live day by day eating at restaurants and who only have some old caviar and a bottle of champagne in their apartment. Ensure you have stored food to last you as long as possible. Most of us have at least 3 days’ worth of food in our homes, but for an event that lasts 10 days as in American Blackout, three days isn’t enough. What if you have others staying with you?

Food and water are the simplest items you can stock up on because you use them every day. You are already buying them on a weekly basis I bet. In a power outage, the pumps that run water to the city will shut down and if you have no water coming out of the pipes, what will you do for drinking and sanitation? Actually, the sanitation part was only so briefly covered in the show that I was surprised. People will still need to go to the bath room regardless of what calamity is happening outside.

3 – If you are going to leave, get out of town fast

Even though this show was a dramatic hypothetical, the situations presented have all happened before and on a much more catastrophic scale, so it isn’t complete fiction. Power outages are probably the least horrible “disaster” to live through but can still be deadly. People will get scared and when they do, the absolute worst in your fellow human beings will come out. This has been played out time and time again in history.

If you have plans to bug out, you should be hitting the road as soon as possible in a situation like this. Power outages were being reported all over the country so the token prepper loaded his family plus 1 tag along into his Bug Out Vehicle and skedaddled out of town. As the crisis goes on, people will become more desperate. The early hours of a crisis could be marked with good natured people having block parties, cooking the contents of their freezers and drinking the last of their beer. By day 4, people are going to be stressed out, frazzled and possibly dangerous. You don’t want to be around at this point if you have somewhere else to go away from the mass of people.


The Almost Perfect Bug Out Bag


4 – Don’t trust others to keep your secrets


Photograph by National Geographic Channels/ Stewart Volland

There have been hundreds of posts written on OPSEC and the need to keep your prepping information on a need to know basis. This is done for security and the show documented how this can quickly spiral out of control. The “prepper” took his daughter’s boyfriend, Jason along with them when they bugged out to his hidden retreat “Somewhere in Colorado”. Upon arrival Jason was given a tour of the facility, shown the food storage and how the food they had in the pantry wasn’t all the food the family had. It was meant for decoy to keep the real food storage safe.

In a later scene a few days into the power outage, a neighbor comes to the Prepper’s property asking for food. At this, the prepper said “We don’t have anything for you” and good little Jason piped in to say that “We have two years’ worth of food”. My mouth hit the floor when this happened; because that is the last thing that prepper wanted anyone to know. The begging escalated between the neighbor and the prepper to the point where the prepper pulled a gun and finally made his neighbor leave. Cue the ominous music.

My wife and I had a slight disagreement on how the prepper handled this which I’ll address later but the point for this topic is that you can’t tell desperate people information like this unless you are ready and willing to deal with the consequences. In desperate times, people will do desperate things and you soon find out how this situation turns south for the prepper. If I were in the same scenario, I don’t think I would have taken anyone along with me to my retreat unless they were family. Had I no choice, I think I would have treated them with extreme suspicion until they had proven themselves. There is no way I would have shown this kid,  who I didn’t know, who also just so happened to want to sleep with my daughter, anything about what I had stored at the retreat and I would have instructed my family to do the same. This topic is worthy of its own post, but the main point is people will kill you for nothing very quickly. People will kill you much faster if you have something their starving children need.

5 – Have a grid-down way to communicate

Along with the power being out, communications will go out as cell towers rely on power to push that signal out. Just asimple pair of walkie talkies can be a huge advantage if we have only lost power. For longer communications, HAM radio would be the next best bet and it’s easy to get into this hobby. For less than a hundred dollars in equipment you can talk to people hundreds of miles away in a disaster situation.

6 – A little kindness goes a long way

OK, so the neighbor who was asking for food wasn’t being mean. He was nicely asking for food and may have gone away for a while if the prepper wasn’t yelling at him to leave and saying “I got nothing for you”. If the situation demands an escalation, you can do that, but I think in most situations, a calm level-headed approach is the best first option. The prepper may have been able to talk to the man in a calmer way if Jason the idiot hadn’t opened his mouth, but even after he did I don’t think the neighbor did anything to warrant getting a gun pulled on him. He was asking for food and maybe he was being insistent, but I didn’t see him crossing the fence or threatening the prepper.

Now, I am not advocating you to invite a crack head back home and make him a bowl of soup and let him sleep on your couch, but if you are trying to avoid confrontation for as long as possible, you should be calm and rational. There is nothing wrong with anyone asking you for something. These two hypothetical people occupied a lot of land away from everyone else in the middle of nowhere. The prepper in my opinion should have tried well before a crisis to get to know his neighbor for just this reason. When the grid goes down you might very well have to rely on your neighbors for safety and you could just as easily be threatened by them as people in the city if they want what you have. A neighbor who is hungry and hates your guts is a bigger threat in my mind than someone who is just hungry.

7 – Have a way to recharge electric devices

The entire show was presented as footage from cell phones and cameras after the power went out. There was one kid who mentioned a solar charger and a young girl who was given a whole box of batteries by her dad before he left to find food for the family. The last guy actually had a crank cell phone charger like this one here from Eton that I thought was pretty cool.

Now, whether or not you believe that everyone’s cell phones would stay on that long much less record days of video the idea of charging your batteries is one that you will be faced with. Make sure you have a way to charge electronics that you could depend on. I have a couple of options. First, I have plenty of Eneloop AA and triple AAA’s for the flashlights and radios. We also have an inverter to run off the car battery for electricity and a generator with some fuel. The fall back is a solar charger that will take longer and requires sun, but it is another option. I probably won’t be charging a cell phone to take video if we do have a terror attack that takes out our country’s power grid, but there are several devices I will depend on that will need recharging.

8 – First aid for minor/medium injuries

One of the characters dies from either dehydration or a cut on his arm. The reason wasn’t clear but to me they made it out to be the small cut on his arm and I assume infection. It’s hard to believe someone can die from what appeared to be so minor of an injury but first aid is definitely a priority. If the power is out, streets are crowded with abandoned cars and people are looting and robbing every house on your block the last thing you want to do is try to make it to a hospital. The hospitals are already going to be crowded with people injured in all manner of ways and that is if they are even open in the first place.

Part of your prepping supplies should be plenty of level one trauma items in the form of minor pain killers (aspirin), bandages, antibiotic creams and possibly sutures or a surgical stapler. You need to be prepared to handle these minor injuries because you don’t want to risk going out. They guy who died was trapped in an elevator, but the lesson still applies for people who are safe in their house.

9 – Having Stuff doesn’t make you smart

Getting back to the Prepper representative of the show, I had high hopes for him. The show started with him loading gear into a nice heavy duty SUV. His gear was pre-staged and it looked like he had planned ahead. His first mistake was bringing along his daughter’s boyfriend. My own daughter looked at me and said “there is no way you would do that” and she was right. Not solely for the obvious reasons either.

The prepper on the show had a plan; he had gear and an unbelievably awesome retreat location in the woods of Colorado. He had backup power and tens of thousands of gallons of water, 2 years’ worth of food and a fully stocked underground bunker with cameras over the entire property. From all of this, one would assume that he had really thought about SHTF and had planned accordingly.

Yes and no. The prepper would seem to have everything you need to be able to live as comfortably weather the grid-down scenario presented even for up to 2 years. His actions quickly showed that he was taking some things for granted.

For starters, he thought that anyone with him (Jason the boyfriend) would know everything about how security minded they should be. Secondly, he was soundly asleep while his 11 year old son was captured and forced to give up their decoy supply of food. Then when he retreated to the bunker, he foolishly went out to confront a gang of obviously desperate men who were stealing his stored fuel and was quickly captured.

Taking the time to plan for survival is great. Beginning the journey toward learning new skills and acquiring the tools and knowledge you need to be better prepared in a crisis like this is a vital and important step, but you can’t be misled into thinking that just because you have some preps, that they can’t be taken from you. An underground bunker won’t prevent you from making stupid mistakes and just because you tell someone to go away, it doesn’t mean they will listen to you.

I believe that being prepared is the smart thing to do, but you can’t stop when you have some stuff. You can use the time you have now to think and learn and plan for events like this so that you will have some time to figure out what you will do if you are faced with a situation that could be life threatening. Life will be even more precious when there are people who have a strong motivation to take yours from you.