Why The AR Platform Is Perfect for Preppers

The AR platform is one of the most widely chosen types of firearms for militaries, police, and civilians all over the world. Many of the same things that make it popular in those settings also make it, in our view, an excellent platform for preppers.

The AR15 Platform Is Perfect for Preppers

While AR-15s may all look the same, different upper receivers and barrel lengths can change the rifle’s purpose. This is just one of reasons, in a wide range of reasons, that speaks to the genius of Eugene Stoner’s original design. We make the case that the AR is one of the best platforms for preppers because it works for a wide variety of people and missions all over the planet, as it has for half a century.

The Best Things About The AR-15

One of the best things about ARs is that they’re relatively light. While it’s certainly possible to get a rifle well into double-digit pounds of weight with a lot of accessories, a relatively reasonable setup that has a collapsing stock, a 16” barrel, and an optic is still likely to be shy of ten pounds.

The more weight you can save in your prep, the better. If for no other reason, you will be less fatigued by carrying a lighter rifle around. Second, less weight on the gun means you can carry more ammunition should you need to defend yourself.

The AR is an exceptionally flexible weapon. With a red dot sight and a standard length barrel, you can clear rooms up close and personal and, just as well, engage targets out to 500 yards. This is assuming, of course, that you put the time into learning how to shoot well.

The AR-15 Is Versatile

More broadly, the AR is not only excellent for self-defense but is also a great rifle for game animals of all sizes, so knowing how to use one can keep you alive in several different regards. Practice is key, however, if you want to get the most out of this weapons platform.

ARs are rugged weapons, assuming you do your part in maintaining them. But, like all machines, their parts wear out, break, and occasionally need replacing. This is where the AR shines in the American prepping context in particular.

AR-15 a popular survival gun

Because the AR is such a popular platform, you’ll likely be able to find parts for it nearly anywhere you go, whether things are relatively normal and you can buy parts, or things have gone severely sideways, and you have to scavenge parts from other people. Either way, being the most popular kind of rifle out there ups your odds at keeping your rifle up when it counts.

Similarly, ammunition for the AR is widely available. Here we would make one specific recommendation: get an AR that is rated to shoot 5.56mm NATO. Most .223 caliber guns will chamber and shoot 5.56mm just fine, but it may result in excessive chamber wear.

Assuming your AR is fine with shooting 5.56mm, you’re in luck as it is one of, if not the, most widely produced cartridges in the military world. This makes it an attractive option for preppers.

The AR-15 Is Customizable

You can also customize your AR for your specific needs. For instance, I live in an urban environment but one that is near a lot of rural lands with a magnifier that snaps into place instantly. This gives me the kind of flexibility I need, but you might find yourself needing something totally different.

The AR-15 Is Customizable

I could see someone who was prepping for a totally urban bug-out bag going with a suppressed AR pistol with a much shorter barrel, to save on noise signature and weight. I don’t happen to care too much about noise, so I didn’t bother. The point is, you get to take the time now and make the gun yours.


Overall, we think that an AR is an excellent platform for preppers. Because it’s so popular, you’ll be able to find parts and ammo to keep it up and running, and many of the things that have made it popular with militaries, like weight savings, also make it an awesome choice for preppers.

Our personal choice for prepped weapons are ARs, so this advice comes from a place of thinking through what we might need a rifle for on the worst of days: we hope you find some of these reasons compelling, too!


Make Your Own Survival Bread

Have you ever looked at your food storage and thought “I hope I don’t ever have to eat any of this”!  I do all the time!  The fact is, survival food doesn’t always look good or taste great!  Often it’s dehydrated, canned or preserved in some way.  What if you could have normal food, like fresh baked bread even when the SHTF?  Well if you’ve ever thought like that, then here is something that will fit the bill!  It’s an age old recipe that has withstood the test of time, filling bellies and putting smiles on faces for centuries, if not longer.



In an emergency fresh eggs/milk may be hard to come by and you certainly won’t be able to drop by your local market to pick up a loaf of sliced bread! So what do you do? Tuck this away, practice it and use it when/if needed. We have had a lot of requests for recipes like this so I will dig out my Grandmothers old recipe book and see what I can find. If you have any you would like to share, please send them to me via message and I will post them for everyone.

Indian Fry Bread/Navajo Fry Bread

4 cups flour

2 tsp. sugar

1 ½ cups warm water

2 tsp. salt

4 tsp. yeast (some use baking powder instead of yeast)

Vegetable Oil for frying (you can use a small amount or larger amount to deep fry)

1) Mix water, sugar, salt and yeast together – let stand 5 minutes.

2) Add flour and knead until the mixture is smooth.

3) Heat the oil in a fry pan.

4) Form dough into small balls, then flatten into a tortilla shape about ½ inch thick.

5) Fry bread on both sides until golden brown.

Tip – if dough is sticky, use a small amount of flour to coat your hands while handling the dough.

Real Indian fry bread is deep fried in a fair amount of cooking oil, but this is not necessary. You should use the dough immediately without allowing it to rise first. This is not like the traditional bread recipe that is baked into a loaf and rises beforehand.

Enjoy, you now have a recipe for bread, it can be used for sandwiches, eating with meals, with honey, cinnamon, tacos (my favorite – called Navajo Tacos)!

via Survival Bread – So good you’ll want it anytime! 



5 Items Missing From Your Prep

What's missing from your preps?

If you are new to gun shooting, then learning basic gun safety and range officer commands is not enough for you. Most people do not realize but owning a rifle comes with responsibility. You have to ensure that nothing is missing from your prep before you go for shooting. Some experienced shooters may suggest that you need just the essential items in your gear. However, be extra careful and prepare a checklist before you go to the shooting range.

A further piece of advice is to try not to compromise on the quality of these items if you are new to gun range shooting. These items can last for years if you invest in the right ones. So, let us see what you will need.

5 Items for Your Shooting Range Prep

Following are some of the best items that every new gun range shooter should have.

Range Bag

A range bag is an essential part of your prep as you don’t want any inconvenience. This bag is available in various materials and designs, and finding the perfect bag for your range trips will make it easier.

You will need the bag even if you rent a weapon from the shooting range. A range bag should have enough space to carry two pistols, tons of ammunition, your hearing safety gear, and a few snacks in case you want to munch on during breaks.

Quality Range Bag

These range bags are best for people who own guns and want something to carry safely. However, throwing your guns in the bag without checking isn’t the best idea. We suggest you take a look at gun cases or rifle slings to avoid accidental shootings, so you can protect yourself and others at the shooting range.

Safety Equipment

Keeping and handling your guns carefully is essential for safety. In addition, you must ensure to protect your eyes and ears when you are at a shooting range. You may not know, but most shooting ranges let visitors rent these items out for temporary use. However, if you love going to the shooting range frequently, it is best to get your own gear.

 Investing in a good pair of goggles and ear defenders will keep you safe during your shooting practice. Additionally, the safety equipment available at gun ranges may not be of high quality or used by many people already, which will impact your shooting accuracy.

Having your safety gear at the shooting range ensures that you have full control over your weapon. Further, it gives you peace of mind, blocks out distractions, improves your shooting skills, and enhances your overall shooting experience. We also suggest checking out UV-protected goggles if you are going to shoot in the outdoor shooting ranges.

Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kits are a must if you take your weapon to the shooting range. It doesn’t matter how old, or new your gun is; you will need to clean it properly after a shooting session, whether at your home or at the shooting range. You should know that these kits aren’t too expensive, so you don’t have to worry about investing extra money in them.

Everyone should bring a cleaning kit to their shooting range, as using a clean weapon allows shooters to practice with more precision. Cleaning your gun is part of its maintenance and will prolong its life and ensure that it stays in top-notch condition.

You can find several cleaning kits with a collection of the best tools in the market for a relatively affordable price. However, make sure you choose a good quality cleaning kit for your weapon if you want better results.

Pen, Tape, and Camera

Carrying a pen, tape, and a camera are some of the things that most new gun range shooters overlook. These items are a staple for experienced shooters at the range as they can note their shooting score with a pen, helping them keep an eye on their progress (and brag about it later, if it’s good enough).

Similarly, the tape helps keep the targets up, assisting in a perfect shooting experience. Finally, carrying a camera can help you make memories at the shooting range that you can cherish forever. While these items are not must-haves, it is better to carry them if you have enough space in your bag. It will only make your shooting experience more fun and rewarding.

Comfortable Clothing

When you are going to a shooting range, you don’t have to dress up in a suit. It is best to wear comfortable clothes so you can focus on your aim and move your hands/arms easily while shooting. For example, wearing sturdy, close-toed shoes is the most common footwear choice for most shooters.

Similarly, wearing comfortable loose clothes to the shooting range will allow you to easily draw and withdraw your weapon. However, you should not wear shirts or pants that are too loose because it will make it difficult for you to shoot accurately.

We also suggest wearing a full sleeve shirt if you are visiting an outdoor shooting range. Carrying a nice pair of goggles or eyewear can also help you protect your eyes from UV rays.

Bugout Bag, Range Bag

Another Essential Item

Since we have mentioned the basics, here is another suggestion that every shooter must keep when visiting a shooting range.

Magazine Loader/Unloader

Loading and unloading gun magazines can take time and make things harder for you, especially if you are new to gun shooting. You can find these speed loaders in various designs according to your gun; for instance, fixed or detachable speed loaders for semi-automatic firearms are quite popular among shooting range enthusiasts. These loaders slide over the magazine, pushing, pushing the top rounds to the bottom, assisting the loading process.


Having the right items for your shooting range prep can help you with your shooting practice. There are several other shooting range items that you can choose, but these essential things are great to get you started on your target practice.

Don’t Miss Out On The Best Survival Rifle

The Best Survival Rifle

When traveling, hiking, or camping, we all hope we never have to defend ourselves against people or wild animals. It can be daunting and discouraging to try to think of how you will defend yourself in the direst of situations.

There is an option you can easily obtain and keep on your person in case of emergencies: a survival rifle. You do not need to have multiple guns on your person to defend yourself; you only need to have one that you can quickly be ready and fire.

There are many rifles on the market, all made to provide protection. There is the Chiappa little badger, the Henry AR-7, the Ruger 10/22 takedown, and your standard AR-15. But which of these is the only survival rifle you will ever need? How do you choose?

Why The Ruger 10/22 Is the Best Survival Rifle

First, we must determine what we are looking for when seeking a survival rifle. Just like with any other weapon, we want a survival rifle to have speed, accuracy, and maneuverability.

Survival rifles are unique, though, in that you want to be able to travel easily with them on your person. So, a lightweight firearm and ammunition are preferable. It also would be nice to have a rifle that is compact and easy to break down.

All of these characteristics are needed when seeking a survival rifle, especially if you are planning to take it with you in the great outdoors.

Off the beaten path, there is not much mercy if you run into a wild animal or even a “wild” person. Having a weapon that is easy to assemble and accurate in its shot will save you in a life or death situation out in the sticks. The best rifle for this job is the Ruger 10/22 Takedown.

Reliable & Compact Survival Rifles Are the Best

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown is a rifle that will exceed all expectations. Not only is the Ruger 10/22 light and reliable to fire, but it also can be broken down into two pieces for easy packing and transportation.

This rifle has become the standard option for semi-automatic .22 long rifles since it was created in the 1960s. Weighing in at 4.6 pounds, the Ruger 10/22 can be handled easily regardless of your stature. It has a real stock and comb, creating a cheek rest and handguards.

If you question the validity of having a rifle you can break down and store for traveling, that is lightweight and easy to use, look no further than the United States Air Force. Many Air Force pilots keep a similar survival rifle in their bags in case they need to eject themselves from their aircraft.

Survival rifles like the Ruger 10/22 are practical and compact tools to keep for survival. So much so that military members are willing to keep them in their back pockets in case of emergency against an enemy!

The speed and accuracy you can gain from the 10/22 will provide you with protection from your enemies, be it a human or an animal. Rifles are known for offering better range than shotguns or pistols.

They also provide a large amount of accuracy while having much less recoil than a shotgun. The Ruger 10/22 provides all of these benefits while also having the ability to be broken down into two parts for easy storage and transportation.

Don’t Break the Bank

This semi-automatic rimfire rifle also will not break the bank. While some compact survival rifles can get up to one thousand dollars or more, the Ruger 10/22 Takedown comes in at just above five hundred dollars.

This is a great price for anyone who is looking for a survival rifle. Even saving just a minimal amount each paycheck, the average shooter will be able to purchase this rifle from places like Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, and the Ruger online store.

The Takedown is widely available and affordable. Therefore, safety from humans and animals alike is also available and affordable for anyone who wants it.

If you are seeking some recreation on your adventures, the Ruger 10/22 will also be fun to use for plinking. “Plinking” is the term used when referring to shooting targets made out of household items such as soda cans or milk jugs.

Survival Rifles Can Also Be Fun for Target Practice

This is an ageless game that provides fun and practice for all ages. Having the Ruger 10/22 around will make it possible for you to home in your skills and take out some stressful energy while also providing the peace of mind you need when traveling in unknown areas.

Another fun thing you can do is go varmint hunting. Varmint hunting involves hunting small wild animals such as squirrels, prairie dogs, and rats. Not only is this a fun way to bond with friends and family while in the great outdoors, but it is also great practice for survival.

Varmint hunting with the Ruger 10/22 Takedown will allow you to practice gathering your food in case you ever got lost or stranded in the wild. Carrying a large, heavy, traditional rifle would prove to be difficult and create more challenges than benefits.

With the Ruger 10/22, you can easily pack, travel, and sneak up on your target without giving up the quality and accuracy of the firearm.


For the price, compactness, and ease of operation, you cannot beat the Ruger 10/22 Takedown. Toting this rifle around will make you and anyone traveling with you feel safe. You can also have it around for impromptu hunting and plinking; this would come in handy if you need to help someone learn how to shoot!

The ammunition is light and is readily available at most firearms stores. This is the ultimate survival rifle and the only one you will ever need. If you are searching for a gift for someone you love or for protection for yourself while traveling, hiking, or camping, this is the rifle for you.

Once you make the purchase, you will not regret it for yourself, the person you gift it to, or those around you. All will be protected in the case of a life-threatening emergency.

How To Use A Compass

Using the compass alone

This is a very easy lesson, and I would say, not sufficient for those who would like to travel safely in unfamiliar terrain.

The first thing you need to learn, are the directions. North, South, East and West. Look at the figure and learn how they are. North is the most important.

There are several kinds of compasses, one kind to attach to the map, one kind to attach to your thumb. The thumb-compass is used mostly by orienteers who just want to run fast, and this is the kind of compass I normally use. But not in this tutorial. I would recommend the third kind of compass. Lets take a look at it:

How to read a compass

You see this red and black arrow? We call it the compass needle. Well, on some compasses it might be red and white for instance, but the point is, the red part of it is always pointing towards the earths magnetic north pole. Got that? That’s basically what you need to know. Its as simple as that.

via How to use a Compass alone.


Top Guns for Survival Scenarios

Top Guns for Survival Scenarios

When it comes to a survival scenario, you will need a reliable firearm. A threatening situation will be a dangerous moment for you and your loved ones, so you must be ready to protect them. As such, you need the necessary tools to achieve this purpose, and the undeniable weapon of our time is a gun. However, selecting the right gun suitable for your situation can be overwhelming, given that there are several options in the market.

Arguably, there is no one best survival firearm because every disaster scenario is different. Some people may want a gun for home defense or hunting, while others will need it for target shooting. Whatever your situation is, check out our top gun choices for survival scenarios.

Glock 19

The Glock 19 pistol in 9mm is one of the greatest firepowers in the market, with a full-size G17 polymer frame and compact G19 slide for resistance to the elements. This handgun is more versatile than other models and allows for quick and accurate shooting. What is more, Glock 19 pistols are easy to operate, maintain, and highly effective. With the Glock 19 model, you don’t have to worry about finding magazines or spare as they are popular and found everywhere.

This firearm is about 5.94 inches long with a barrel length of 4 inches and a trigger pull of 5.8 pounds. It also comes with a 17/19 magazine capacity; one magazine loader, four interchangeable back-straps, a cleaning rod, and one bore brush, all packed in a coyote hard case.

Top Guns for Survival Scenarios

Mossberg 500 FLEX JIC

The Mossberg 500 FLEX JIC (Just in Case) is the best modular shotgun ever made for self-defense. This pump-action machine is highly effective and reliable, providing outdoor enthusiasts and homeowners a way to tackle deadly situations. The Mossberg 500 FLEX JIC comes with a FLEX system to ensure versatility and high performance – you can swap barrels, fore-ends, and stocks to suit your requirements.

It is also considered one of the most comforting guns to be carried in a ‘just in case’ moment. Its full grip helps facilitate speed, accuracy, and maneuverability. The gun comes with a carrier bag for attacking accessories and helping users stay organized.

AR-15 Lowers

If you’re looking for the most effective, convenient, and reliable survival gun, you should consider an AR-15 lower model. The good thing is that you can find a model that suits your budget and function. AR-15 lower models are different in weight, manufacturing, and receiver materials, creating a huge price difference. Additionally, AR-15 lower receivers come in different configurations, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Top Guns for Survival Scenarios


22 Semi-Automatic Rifle

The .22 Semi-Automatic Rifle, also known as SA-22 or Semi-Automatic 22, is one of the most versatile rifles today. They have a small cartridge design allowing for thousands of rounds of ammunition. It can be an excellent choice for beginners who want to learn how to shoot, target, plink, and honing fundamentals because of its low recoil.

The 22 Semi-Automatic Rifle’s other essential features include reduced penetration, low noise, and relatively low cost, making it the best rifle possible for pest control and small game hunting. The most popular Semi-Automatic 22 rifles include the Ruger 10/22, the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22, and the Marlin Model 60. All of these riffle models are reliable, accurate and can be optimized to meet your specific needs.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P R8

The Smith & Wesson Model M&P R8 is a modern service revolver that comes with rails for sight, lasers, and lights. Unlike conventional models, this center-fire handgun has a high capacity and stainless steel cylinder, maximizing its performance. Its design incorporates a scandium alloy frame for maintaining the gun’s weight down to about 36.4 ounces. Additionally, the M&P R8 comes with a two-piece barrel and a steel shroud held by a muzzle using a special nut to ensure barrel tension and increase accuracy.

Furthermore, the revolver utilizes all the modern features incorporated in the S&W revolver designs. Forget about the conventional pinned barrel, hammer-mounted firing pin, and pressed-in cylinder stop. Some modern changes include a cylinder stop, angular cuts, frame-mounted firing pin, and extractor star arms to keep the gun in position. The revolver also has a clean single-action pull and a smooth double-action pull, along with a smooth face measuring about 0.27 inches to help maintain high-performance.

5 Tips For Finding The Right Firearm For Your Situation

If you finally decide to own a personal firearm, there are several considerations that you must consider before purchase. It would be best if you had a clear intention for your gun use, as it could be for pleasure, personal defense, work, hunt, or any other purpose. It’s crucial to make the proper selection for your first firearm purchase to ensure that you’ll be happy and satisfied with it, as you would be using it for many years.

5 Tips For Finding The Right Firearm For Your Situation

It could be overwhelming to go into a gun shop and find the best firearm from their wide range of choices. It’s imperative first to know what kind of gun you like to own. Perhaps you’re interested in a single stack 9mm handgun or some other pistol? Whatever brand you prefer, and whichever factors and features are essential for you, you must do your research and understand their differences.

Consider the following tips in finding the perfect firearm for your situation:

  1. Know Its Purpose

Guns will have many different features depending on their purpose. This means that if you plan to purchase a firearm as a means for defense, you’ll end up having something completely different than when you find a gun for shooting competitions. You must determine your reason for wanting to purchase one first before looking for all the selections available. 

If you’re looking for survival firearms, there is no one definite best firearm as scenarios are varied. Take advantage of learning about the different kinds of weapons instead.

Another thing is to decide is the frequency of use for your gun. Are you planning to use it regularly? If so, this factor should also influence your purchase decisions. You can ask for an expert’s advice as to which gun is best for regular use.

  1. Choose Between New or Used Guns

If you have budget restrictions, it’s understandable to want to buy a used firearm instead. However, you must be careful of its condition, so make sure to find something that comes from a conscientious owner. As a second-hand buyer, you must inspect the pistol meticulously to avoid any problems and conflicts later.

On the other hand, if you have enough money to splurge for a brand-new gun, go for it because nothing will beat the quality and condition of being the first owner of a firearm. There are many perks for brand-new guns, like a factory-backed warranty, friendly support from authorized dealers, and you can inquire about many other accessories and firearm parts to give you practical gun knowledge.

  1. Choose Between A Pistol or Revolver

Before coming up with the features and functions you want, you need to decide if you wish to have a revolver or a pistol. 

Revolvers are no longer common for service use because they usually have limited bullet capacity on their cylinder. It also requires ample time for you to load up the bullets. If you want a semi-automatic function, then this type of gun is not for you. 

Furthermore, revolvers are also larger and heavier, so it’s not convenient to bring them around, mainly because it’s challenging to conceal. On the brighter side, revolvers are exceptionally reliable as well as easy to control and maintain. These are some of its good sides, so think about their merits and demerits well before purchasing a revolver.

As for pistols, they have dominated the professional field of service and defense these days, primarily because of their semi-automatic function. The design is modern; they are highly reliable, functional, and safe to use for any circumstances. They also offer a wide range of use. With its high magazine capacity and fast reloading procedure, you won’t ever have to take time before you can start shooting again.

fn guns

5 Tips For Finding The Right Firearm For Your Situation
  1. Enroll in A Firearms Training Course

Before purchase, it’s highly recommended for you to take up a training course first. There are many benefits to tactical training for civilians as you learn more about the weapon’s safety and proper handling. You will also be educated about the different types of guns and which ones would be comfortable for you to use. Other than that, you’ll also have an opportunity to test out different firearms and seek advice from your instructors, who are gun experts.

  1. Try Before You Buy

Feel free to finally go to a gun store if you have already finished the tips mentioned above. You can inquire about the specific gun you want and ask for further information and recommendations. Being able to touch and see the weapon personally can somehow help you decide, but make sure to handle the gun in a safe manner, as it could be dangerous. 

If possible, it would be better for you to try the gun you want first at a shooting range, with the guidance and support of an experienced shooting instructor. It’s different when you can test and try out how the gun works in your own hands.


Besides the required skills for using a firearm and a steady hand when shooting, educate yourself further about the firearm aspects, products, models, and accessories. Don’t forget to practice your shooting skills, too, if you want to be a better handler of your gun. Use these tips, and you’ll be able to find the perfect firearm eventually.

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