How to Prep for Your Survival

Surviving in this harsh world takes courage, resilience and shrewdness. As Nikita Khrushchev once said, “If you live among wolves you have to act like a wolf.” If you’re keen to thrive in this modern era, it’s important to equip yourself with vital survival skills that can stand the test of time.

How to prep for your survival -

Here are 4 ways you can prep for your survival:

  1. Learn some new skills

It’s important to practice some essential life skills if you truly desire prepping for survival. Sadly, most people desire to learn new skills but they procrastinate. We are all guilty of taking a raincheck on important things, rather opting to engage in entertaining activities such as watching films. However, learning is a continuous process that shouldn’t end after completing formal education. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “learn as if you were to live forever.” If you’re interested in learning a skill, simply start practicing it. Some crucial skills that might help include:

  • Starting a fire
  • Shooting game
  • Performing basic first aid
  • Playing your favorite instrument

2. Have sufficient food and water supply

Food and water are essential elements of human survival. When you’re prepping for survival, ensure that you have plenty of food and water in stock. Your supply should last you for at least one month. Try to get a balanced diet consisting of the three macros (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). Also learn how to prepare and store food properly. To ensure that your water is free of impurities, study how to decant and purify water. If push comes to shove, practice the art of rationing your meagre food supply to prevent it from running out too quickly.

3. Equip yourself with defensive gear

Society today has evolved from a supportive social pillar into an egocentric community. Urban living is often governed by the rule of the jungle: every man for himself and God for us all. Surviving in this harsh environment will require you to hone some defensive skills. Learn how to defend yourself from dangerous people who might try to harm you deliberately. For instance, you can learn karate or join a boxing class. In addition, it might help to purchase a few survival gear to keep yourself safe in ugly situations. Invest in a good survival kit that will come in handy when an unexpected natural calamity, war or doomsday event happens.

4. Have a medicine reserve

If you take medication on a regular basis, then you definitely need to have a medicine reserve. Diabetics, epileptics and patients with heart conditions must take medicine every day. However, if pharmaceutical firm workers or drug distributors decide to strike, there would be a severe shortage of essential medicines across the country. Such an unfortunate scenario would create a temporary drug deficiency – and patients who lack a medicine reserve would be hit first. Therefore, ensure you have a small reserve of medication you take frequently. It should be enough to last two weeks or more.

Precaution is better than cure. These insightful tips will help you to prepare sufficiently for survival.

Smart Lighting in Home Security – All You Need to Know

If there’s one often neglected aspect of home security, it’s smart lighting. It’s an area that certainly belongs in the home security industry, but many people deem it unimportant. Well, it’s a mistake to do so, and if you’ve been wanting to get into smart lighting, join us as we take a look at what is it, what you need for it, and how it impacts home security.

What is Smart Lighting?

In its most basic form, smart lighting is lighting that you can control from one centralized device. It’s usually a hub that you connect to from your smartphone, whether it’s an Android or iOS phone, and you have an app that controls everything.

Copyright: Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain

That app will enable you to change the brightness of the bulbs, and if you have colored LEDs, it will also enable to you change the colors, too. All of this, when you have multiple lights around your home, will enable you to create scenarios or recipes. For example, you could have dimmed warm white lights when you’re watching a movie, to make a warmer, more relaxed atmosphere. And the best thing is, you can switch from one scene to another with a few taps on your smartphone, or a few words with your voice assistant.

What Do You Need?

Smart lights generally rely on mesh networking. This means that each bulb wirelessly connects to the nearest neighbor and they create an entire network of devices. The network is controlled by a hub that acts as a central and is connected to your router. In turn, this allows you to connect a device to your home wireless network and use it to control the smart lights. Note, however, that some systems, such as the LIFX platform, connect directly to your Wi-Fi, and don’t require a hub.

One feature that is crucial if you want your smart lighting to have an impact on your home security is the “away from home” mode. This basically opens up the network for access when you’re away from home, which will come in handy in a few situations, but more on that in a minute.

Copyright: Pixabay | CC0 Public Domain

Now, even though for the most basic experience, all you need is the bulbs and maybe a hub, there’s one more thing that’s worth getting – a voice assistant. Which one you go for might depend on the smart lighting system you’ve decided to go for. For example, the Philips Hue system works with Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s HomeKit, but others might require a specific speaker. Whichever one you choose, it’s going to give you the option to control the smart lighting with your voice, something that makes things extremely simple and convenient.

One last thing we’d like to mention is the pricing. Make no mistake, the investment is worth it because you’ll be saving a bit in terms of electricity, and as you’ll see below, you’ll be gaining quite a bit in terms of security. However, if you were hoping that the switch to smart lighting will pay itself off in a few months thanks to the lower electricity bills, you’ll be disappointed. You might want to consider a price range of a few hundred dollars if you’re going to go all out and deck out your home in smart lighting from top to bottom.

The Impact on Security

Many homeowners think that smart lighting is nothing more than just a convenience, and a way to make things a bit easier for yourself. However, there’s one major thing that you get – the ability to control the lights when you aren’t at home. This is invaluable and is what makes all the difference.

A major indicator of a vacant home for burglars is the lights being off for a day or two, continuously. Chances are the owner of that home is on vacation, or away for business, and their home is empty. This makes it a prime target, and you don’t want that happening to your home.

With smart lighting, however, the first thing you can do is set up a schedule. You could have your lights turn on at a predefined time, and turn off again after a while, such as at night. This is done with no user input at all and could be a deterrent. But if you’re gone for a while, a thief might catch up to that schedule and see that the home is vacant. This is where the “away from home” mode comes in. If you’re on vacation, you can connect to your home remotely, and shuffle things up every once in a while. And if a thief sees this, they’ll stay away from your home – it may not be vacant after all. 

Is the End Closer than We Thought? The Latest Apocalyptic Predictions

Is the end close? Or is it a new Golden age?

Scientists calculate that the Earth is a whopping 4.54 billion years old, causing many to wonder when it will come to an end. And, while you might recall the infamous 2012 end of the world prediction by the Mayans, there are some newer theories and predictions out there regarding the future that are worth knowing about. From a psychic’s controversial predictions to a higher-tech apocalyptic future, here are some of the latest end of the world theories and how to survive them.

A computer program predicts the end

Developed in 1973 by MIT researchers, the computer program World One was originally created to simulate global sustainability, though has offered much more when it comes to apocalyptic predictions of the future. In fact, it predicts that the world will collapse in the year 2040, with 2020 being the “first disaster milestone” due to environmental conditions. Because of the environmental conditions, experts of the Club of Rome say that such a future may be preventable if resource consumption is dramatically decreased by high consuming nations like China and the United States.

When it comes to surviving, however, there are many ways that humans can individually attempt to lessen environmental damage. For example, leading more sustainable lives through reducing plastic, going zero-waste, and cleaning the planet can all help to preserve the environment and prevent further damage.

A psychic’s wisdom

Perhaps one of the most well-known psychics in history, Baba Vanga of Bulgaria has made several predictions throughout the years and is said to have successfully predicted monumental events such as the 9/11 attacks, the 2004 Thailand tsunami, and Brexit. In the near future, she has also predicted that President Trump will fall ill with a disease, and that Vladamir Putin will survive an assassination attempt.

However, the notable blind psychic has also predicted the end of the world to take place in the year 5079 in the 51st century – though without any context at all as to how or why making it near impossible to know if there is a way to survive. While Baba Vanga’s predictions are said to be correct 85% of the time, many may remain skeptical about her visions – especially when it comes to the end. 

Baba Vanga passed away in August of 1996 and predicted events well beyond her time. While impressive by any psychics standards, getting a second opinion from another psychic can bring a more modern and greater insight on an apocalyptic prediction, thus allowing you to prepare accordingly for survival. As a doomsday prepper or just a survival enthusiast, a quick search for psychic readers near me can easily help you to find someone who can help in giving those much needed answers, personal insight, advice and peace of mind on the controversial subject of the end of the world.

An AI apocalypse 

While robots taking over the world has been a popular theory in regards to the apocalypse for years, the latest in technological innovation has kept the specific predictions of the theory new each year. With that said, recent predictions seem to lean heavily towards an artificial intelligence takeover. Often used to help humanity in forms of Siri, Alexa, cybersecurity, and even self-driving cars, a potential artificial intelligence apocalyptic event remains an ever-present threat to humans.

Whether it comes in the form of bots generating impactful fake news, or something bigger – like a robot takeover, a report done by 26 experts concluded that an AI takeover is something to fear due to its possibility of becoming a reality. In fact, AI is already outsmarting humans, such as when it won against pro video game players of the popular game DOTA 2. While many try to avoid AI in their day to day lives by disabling smart assistants like Alexa or turning off their microphones out of fear of misuse, others may try to keep an AI apocalypse at bay by taking a break from electronics completely or by learning to hack. And, in the event that an AI apocalypse does happen, creating a new language and ditching electronics altogether may become prime survival techniques.

While nobody knows the true date or form that an apocalypse will present itself, many are sure that it’s bound to happen someday. With many predictions over time, the latest ones present ideas such as a technology takeover, environmental destruction, or just a simple date with no context at all.

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