10 Most Important Boating Accessories for All Your Boating Needs

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Who doesn’t enjoy boating? Floating on a boat in the middle of a beautiful lake at sunset is sure to give you the rejuvenation that you’ve always longed for. But when boating, safety comes first. You need to choose the right functional accessories. You do not want to be troubled by flimsy accessories and gears while boating. Boating requires you to make a quality investment in boating accessories, which would help in increasing the life of your boat in general. So, listed below are 10 key boating accessories from which you can benefit and would not want to forget while going for a trip to the waters –

  1. Personal Flotation Device (PFD) – If fishing is your hobby; a PFD cannot be dispensed with. You must have one flotation device for every person on board. Make sure that the life jacket is USCG approved. You can also keep throw cushions on your boat, which are mandatory in some states.
  2. GPS Devices – A GPS device like a GPS-Emergency Position indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is important installations for your boat. These devices can communicate your exact location to search and rescue satellites. These work even on inland waterways. It is not uncommon for your phone’s battery to die or become dysfunctional due to an accident on the boat. These devices come handy when your phone runs out of the network coverage area.
  3. Phone Charger – It won’t be an understatement to say that our phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. The need to use it may arise anytime and so a 12-volt charger comes handy then. Some people even install solar-powered phone chargers. For Example – You may have to use your phone as a flashlight. But what if the battery of the phone runs out altogether? In this case, a phone charger or more suitably a power bank would be a helpful option.
  4. First Aid Kit – One of the most underrated items that ought to be carried are mostly the first aid kits. Do not underestimate its functionality and always keep one in your boat. It is one of the most important boating accessories. The palm-sized container can store bandages, antibiotics, antiseptics, scissors, tweezers, adhesive tapes, flexible adhesive bandages of several sizes, etc. Sterile tools are also packed and they should be used when a medical need arises.
  5. Polarized Sunglasses & Fishing Shoes – Protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays is a must on a sunny day. There are variants of sunglasses that are available for offshore, inshore and cloudy days, which is for you to choose. You should not forget to buy a pair of anti-skid non-marking shoes. They are always better than flip-flops. They cover your feet and keep them protected from fish hooks or pokes, gears and fish fins as well. You wouldn’t want to ruin your experience because of a pair of shoes and a pair of sunglasses. Would you?
  6. Marine Radio – These are tremendously convenient devices as they are independent of a boat’s electrical system. A marine radio can transmit information about the weather, the boat traffic or the movement of large commercial vessels. Mishaps and accidents can occur in seconds and you would never want to be caught in one because of erratic weather conditions. To be self-sufficient and not dependent on the help of local authorities is a good plan. These radios come preset with major international and all local maritime frequencies.
  7. Correct Anchor – The anchor which you choose for your boat must be according to the size of your boat. You must also take into consideration the location where you plan to set sail. Preferably, you may buy an anchor which is larger than the size recommended for your boat. This is when your boat is not too tiny. Most anchors adjust to the sea bed or the floor of the lake. The length of the chain or rope is what helps to pull and fix a position for your rest. Make sure that it is adequately long. The fluke and grapnel type are recommended based on many experiences and knowledge.
  8. Waterproof Dry-Bag – This is undoubtedly one of the best companions of a sailor. It can carry your clothes, electronics, devices like phone and camera and food! These items are travel essentials and you do not want excessive sunrays, water or dust to ruin them. It is practical and thus recommended to carry them safely in a waterproof dry-bag. They come in several shapes and sizes and even high-quality ones are available for an inexpensive price.
  9. Basic Tool Kit or A Multi-Tool – A good tool kit or a set of tools is paramount and one of the best investments on boats. They contain replacement fuse, tapes, wrench, pliers and different sizes of screw nuts and bolts. They fix small problems on the spot and you can feel much relaxed and have a comfortable boating experience. They are to the boat what a Stepney toolkit is to a car. Buy a high-quality mechanical tool kit ideal for boats and marine applications.
  10. Ropes/Dock Lines – There are numerous situations when you would need ropes as boating accessories. You should keep a decent number of these on board. If anchored out with other boats, they come handy to tie-up with them. If your boat needs to be towed, a sturdy rope will be functional. It might be helpful when you need to tie your boat to a post. They will also be helpful if you are caught up in mechanical troubles.

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