Cool Cargo Bike from trioBike

Fighter Pilot Inspired trioBike

The trioBike is yet another iteration on the classic bicycle, but this time the concept is actually quite useful for anyone located in an urban area or close to a beach where bikes are often used as transportation for daily errands like grocery shopping.

The trioBike is essentially a pedal powered cargo hauler. The real kicker is the cargo can be anything you would like, including children. That’s right, the trioBike can safely haul 2 children up to 176 pounds in cumulative weight, all while giving you a great workout, and saving on sky high gas prices. This particular one has been covered in army green, with fighter pilot inspired shark graphic across the actual cargo carrier.

At trioBike we design, develop, produce, manufacture and sell transportation solutions for urban families. Since 2004 we have given urban families a choice to think alternative; a choice that offers a safe, cool, healthy, non- polluting way to commute through traffic congested cites around the globe. What could be more obvious? In Denmark we have been riding bikes forever, not just for fun but for everyday commuting – it is a cultural thing.

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