How To Choose The Right Boat Hook

Boat owners need a lot of tools and equipment so that the boat functions as expected. Right form oars and engine fuel to boat hooks, every element needs to come together well so that the boat’s performance is as per the owner’s needs.

If you have been out sailing or have some experience on a boat, you must have understood the need for boat hooks. Boat hooks are an important aid for pushing, pulling and retrieval of objects from the sea. These not only help in retaining ropes, objects or boats in the water but are also used for docking and undocking the boat. With the wide range of features and functions available with the boat hooks, it becomes easy to get objects that are submerged below the sea level.

How to choose the right boat hook

Aside from docking and undocking, you can use these boat hooks for the following purposes:

  • Fishing objects out of the water, like buckets, hats, or any of your much-loved things. Generally, it happens more than you would think
  • When you want to pass objects to someone else on your boat
  • Cutting through objects
  • When you want to test water depth
  • Pushing yourself off boats that you have drifted too close to
  • Putting ropes on bollards that you cannot reach
  • Pushing yourself off the dock when there is a blustery weather
  • Passing rope up to your lock assistant
  • To grab objects those are rung on walls

Different boats have different requirements. It is, therefore, important to choose the boat hook suitable for your boat. Be it boat loops or electrical remote hooks, every type of boat hook perform a separate set of function. Selecting the right boat hook could be confusing if you are new to this. Here are a few boat hooks for you to choose from:

  1. Boat Loops: Boat loops are gaining a lot of popularity as boating equipment these days. Boat loops are very versatile and can be used for commercial or recreational purposes alike. The boat loops usually have a hook attached to them which helps in launching or retrieving things out of the water. The boat loops by RS Marine have a quick lock and release hook mechanism along with a flexible loop. You can order these great quality boat loops from
  2. Telescopic Boat Hooks: Telescopic boat hooks are designed for heavy boats. These boat hooks can stand a lot of force and don’t break easily. These boat hooks are of either 4 or 6 feet and can be extended to a length of 8 and 12 feet. You should buy a telescopic boat hook if you are using a heavy boat, to maximize effectiveness. This type of boat hook can be used for docking, undocking, and pulling up lines. This type of tough boat lock is a valuable asset when launching, docking, or retrieving your favorite things.
  3. Electrical Remote Hooks: Remote hooks have an electric system along with a controlling remote which is used to lift as well as perform other functions. The biggest advantage of such boat hooks is that the owner doesn’t have to be present near the hook all the time. Choose an electrical remote hook if you don’t have enough manpower on the boat.
  4. Economy Boat Hooks: If you have a small boat, this could be the best option for you. These boat hooks are lightweight and have special air chambers which make it easy to float. Economy boat hooks are relatively cheaper and are the best option available for people with small boats.
  5. Snap Hooks: Snap hooks are the best option for you if you use sailboats. Snap hooks function best for mooring as well as fastening purposes. These are made of stainless steel and have a spring for quick attachment and release. These are very versatile but work best for all the needs of a sailboat. If you own a sailboat and want to make mooring easier, snap-hooks could be the right thing for you.

Where can you buy them?

Any store that carries boating equipment should have a selection of hooks. If not then you can always buy them online from websites like eBay, Amazon.

To conclude

Different boats require different types of boat hooks. However, if you are new, it might be difficult to understand what boat hooks work best for your boat. In such cases, the boat loop is a savior.

Boat loops can be used on any kind of boat and perform a range of functions like mooring, docking, and revival of objects. The boat loops on sale by RS Marine are not only of great quality but are also priced reasonably. Get a boat loop today to make your boating experience a lot more relaxed and easy.