Survival Fitness – A Daily Workout Routine

You have something worth living for? It is why you have built up all your survival stockpiles right?

Whatever it is, find your motivation now and start using this simple Survival Fitness Daily Workout Routine. It’s easy to do at home, you do not need a gym or gym membership.

Remember, you can have all the supplies in the world, but if you cannot physically out run the hoard of bad guys or physically protect yourself with your own strength, then what purpose is all your preps for?


Keep your brain focused on the single message of getting stronger and constantly remind yourself of why you’re doing the things you’re doing. Start today, increase the reps as you get stronger.

Top Tip: Once you are able to comfortably walk 1 mile 5x a week, you can increase the distance or you can walk with a backpack and start placing a 5lb bag of sugar in it, then increase the number of bags as you get stronger. Remember you may have to carry a large amount of weight in a bug-out situation.


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