Bacon, Beans and Camping – What A Combination!

I’m always looking for new ideas around the campsite, and this looks like an awesome way to cook your favorite camp style BBQ Baked Bean recipe.

Plus, look at all that BACON, BACON, BACON!!!

Bacon, beans and the great outdoors!

That’s a whole lot of bacon! “Baked BBQ Beans “… Love the presentation … beautiful !

*Only one word of caution, make sure your tent is well ventilated in the night! 

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8 thoughts on “Bacon, Beans and Camping – What A Combination!

  1. There’s a YouTube video on how to make these. Is put some coals on to as well and/or partially precook my bacon.

  2. There’s a link to the recipe book, It was published and do not want to take away from the author.

    (it’s pretty simple, baked beans, bacon, onion and some spices…)

  3. Kind of hate websites that mislead you. I was looking forward to seeing this recipe and nothing. I guess I’ll avoid these posts from now on. Thanks for nothing but wasting my time.

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