Keep Supplies Safe During a Power Outage

Of course, the best time to prepare for a disaster is before it strikes – but, when you find yourself facing any sort of emergency before you’ve had time to prepare, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your precious supplies – especially food and water.

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Keep these tips in mind (or print them out and keep them on hand) in case you ever find yourself caught off guard.

Keeping Food Safe During a Power Outage

Of course, the biggest concern is food spoilage. You can minimize the amount of spoilage experienced by:

  1. Keep the doors to your freezer and refrigerator closed, and food will stay cold for about four hours.
  2. Keep a thermometer in the refrigerator to monitor temperatures. Food that reaches 40 degrees or higher can’t be refrozen and should be disposed of.

In addition to these tips, be sure to keep a minimum of three days of non-perishable food items on hand that don’t require running water or heating for consumption.

Keeping Water Safe During a Power Outage

In some areas, water may stop flowing to your home if the power is out. When this happens, you’ll have no choice but to rely on personal water supplies or water purification devices. It’s best to keep a supply of water on hand.

Not including washing, and cleaning, the average person needs at least one gallon of water per day to remain properly hydrated. The more water you can store, the better off you’ll be – but be sure to keep at least five gallons on hand for each adult and child in your household.

Keeping Other Survival Supplies Safe During a Power Outage

While most of your supplies are unlikely to suffer damage during a power supply, there’s always a chance that desperate neighbors come to your home for help. Protect yourself and your family by keeping the details of your supplies to a minimum. Your neighbors are far less likely to try and steal what they don’t know you have.


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