Store Food, The Free Way

I found a very affordable way to store rice, beans, flour, noodles and any other food item (my dry stock food is stored in 15 of them).  This is also a great way to store any paper products or paper towels, matches, and anything else that has to be kept dry, away from heat, and bug proof.

Go to a bakery in your area (groceries stores, bread bakers or cake bakers), and ask for their icing or dough pales with lids.  Generally, they are more than willing to give them to you for FREE.  Ask them when they get their shipments in, and find out when they empty the buckets.  Make sure to find out when they throw the buckets in the trash.  For me, I go in no later than Thursday, because they throw the buckets out on Friday and Saturday.

5 gallon bucket storage tip from Year Zero Survival.


Be sure to clean the buckets out with a little bleach. You can then use them to store food, fuel disks, tooth paste and floss.  I even made first aid kits out of two of the buckets.
You can stack them easily, label them with a marker, and lift them with ease.  The buckets take up just a little space, and protect my emergency food and supplies.


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  1. I use this free way to keep my biscuits moist free. Its really effective and price-less technique. However, technology has advanced a lot but still this technique is being used almost by every person.

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