Top 5 Best Campground in America

The United States has done well in preserving its natural landscape while modernizing camping facilities for the enjoyment of the public. As a result, they have multiple campgrounds that you should not miss visiting. Luckily, this article will give you details on some of the best campsites in America.

Top 5 Best Campground in America

America’s Best Campgrounds

Here are some of the best campgrounds in the United States that you should visit in your lifetime:

  • Stampede Campground

The Stampede campground is located nearby the Stampede Dam and Reservoir around the Little Truckee River, which is below the center of Davis Creek. It is between the junction of Truckee and Little Truckee rivers.

This campsite is surrounded by a 3,340 acres full reservoir with a 25-mile shoreline, making it an excellent location for fishing all year round. The species you will find here are lake trout, brown, brook, rainbow, and kokanee salmon, which are considered catchable by the California Department of Fish and Game.

Besides fishing, visitors who visit this campsite can also enjoy water sports, boating, picnicking, hunting, and many more.

  • Branson View Campground

Located 2 miles away from the popular 76 strip and entertainment district, the Branson View Campground is a full-service campground with plenty of available activities, attractions, and amenities.

This campground boasts 40 RV sites. If you have a large RV, you will be glad to know that the Branson View Campground is a Pull Through site which is very convenient on your part. They also have a full hookup for electric, sewage, and water utilities and rig access. Most of all, this is a pet-friendly campground!

This campground offers amenities for RVs, but they also provide guests with city speed Wi-Fi and Direct TV. They also have a laundry facility. Besides that, you will never get bored with the scenic view that this campsite offers and the numerous activities you can do, such as swimming at their outdoor pool or cruising through their newly opened zipline.

  • Ozark Country Campground

If you are looking for an intimate campground that offers both long-term and short-term campsite options, you might want to check out the Ozark Country Campsite. It is located at 679 Quebec Dr., Branson, Missouri.

The campsite offers complimentary high-speed internet access to guests. They have traditional campsite facilities such as BBQ areas and picnic areas. They also have a fenced pool for guests who want to take a quick dip.

Just like Branson View Campground, the Ozark Country Campground is a pet-friendly campsite. There is also an accessible convenience store nearby.

  • Branson Ridge Campground

Another must-visit campground in Missouri, the Branson Ridge Campground, is an RV Resort. It is located 1 mile away from the Silver Dollar City and nearby the Ozark Mountain high road. It is a tranquil place perfect for those who are looking to escape the busy cities.

Although the Branson Ridge is a tranquil campground, they offer city-like amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, tennis court, and a pool. They also have a restaurant that will serve you with delicious and fresh meals.

  • Round Top Campground

The Round Top Campground is located at the Historic town of Gettysburg. It is also nearby the Devils Den and Little Round Top. In fact, this campground is just 4 miles away from the Gettysburg, where Lincoln gave his iconic speech.

This campground provides full hookups for RVs. Visitors can also enjoy miniature golf, tennis, volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard, and swimming at their adult and kiddie pools.

The Round Top Campground also has available high-speed Wi-Fi facility, Restaurant, Gift Shop, porches, sitting areas, and laundry facilities. They are a pet-friendly campground as well.

How to Get there as a Foreigner

As a foreign national who lives outside of the United States, you need to prepare for travel documentation first. If you are a citizen of a VWP country traveling to the United States by air or sea, you will need to get america esta.

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It works similarly like a visa except that it is only applicable for citizens of VWP countries. The ESTA process is designed to make the application procedure convenient for the applicant. The steps and requirements are all on the ESTA website, and once the forms are duly accomplished, all you need to do is check esta for approval.

However, if you do not belong to a VWP country, you will need to apply for a visa to visit the campground mentioned above.

Final Word

The campgrounds mentioned above are truly worth visiting. Do not miss the opportunity of experiencing them. If you live in the United States, consider yourself lucky as you can easily visit these places, but if you are not, do not be disheartened. Applying for a United States ESTA or visa is very manageable.