Water, Dehydration and You

Not drinking enough water can have some very serious effects on your body, especially in a survival situation. This infographic is about the importance of water for human body The dehydration and the implications for the body of the people. 


by sebamelchor.
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5 thoughts on “Water, Dehydration and You

  1. Hi, i am a nutritional therapist and am doing a talk on hydration. Love this poster. Could you send me a copy PDF so i can print it? I would of course refrence your site?

  2. I would like to put this infographic in a blog post I am writing for a client of mine. I would link back to you of course. is that OK?

  3. I am actually visiting that site for very first time and i must tell you that all the blog posts are cool. Keep up the good work. I will definitely return.

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