Waterproof Your Survival Gear

A big thanks to our guest-blogger OmegaMan for turning us on to this great waterproofing product. Although we don’t carry it in our line of premium survival products, it is readily available from hardware stores or Amazon Rust-Oleum NeverWet® Liquid Repelling Treatment Kit

This waterproofing system could be used in many ways on your preps, waterproof all of your survival, hunting, hiking, fishing, camping, or outdoor gear.

See OmegaMan’s video test of this product:

  • NeverWet liquid repelling treatment is easy to apply and dries to touch in 30 minutes.
  • Treated surfaces repel mud, water, ice and other liquids. The durable treatment can be used on tools and equipment, work boots and gloves to repel water and mud.
  • Protects gear and equipment from moisture and significantly reduces or eliminates clean-up. Use on surfaces indoors and out.
  • Not intended for application to electronic products
  • Sold as a two-part kit that can effectively treat from 10 to 15 square feet.


Note:  Works great if you know when and how to use it.

Some guidelines:

Yes, this does work. It repels water completely. However, it does leave a white haze ( and if you don’t see that haze, you probably haven’t used enough to be effective).

If you spray this on white shoes, fabrics, etc….the haze really isn’t noticeable. Works great on white athletic shoes! Also on canvas slip ons, etc.Water and other liquids roll right off. But I found that I had to reapply often on items which got heavy wear. Still, if you do this diligently, your items should look newer longer.

While product literature says not to apply to clothing, work boots are noted as acceptable. So work boots are not considered “clothing”…just in case you’d classify them that way.

So….NEVER wet? No. It does wear off and will not last forever. But while it is effective it is VERY effective. so it definitely keeps items looking newer. Just keep that milky color in mind. I wouldn’t spray it on black fabrics.


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