Quick Tip | Add These To Your Bugout Bag

Travel much?

If you do, then why not take advantage of the additional shampoo, soap, lotion, mouthwash, shower cap, sewing kit, etc… and save them. They make excellent short term cleaning solutions to add to your bugout bag.

They are light-weight, small and easy to carry. Plus, they don’t take up much room and best of all they are FREE! (or, if you don’t travel, you can just buy trial size products at your local drug store)

outdoor bathing


I like to put them into small sandwich size ziplock bags and keep them in my various bugout bags and car kits.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tip | Add These To Your Bugout Bag

  1. There may be instances when you have to challenge your self up against the world and mother nature. Specific things like forest fires and earthquakes do come to pass. The humble emergency bag will help you as well as your family members come through the key initial few period.

  2. It’s great to see this level of prepping. However, not everybody is lucky enough to have access to these kinds of tools to create the ideal lifestyle. Land is a valued asset and I for one do not have the available cash to buy a private ranch/farm. I save, however a basic wage will only buy you so much in the end. The family with the pool had one flaw in my opinion, in a disaster scenario they would have to leave their house which in turn they would loose all of their food supply and food growth system. They are also now targets in their neighborhood. If such a disaster would occur they would be the source of food for people who are desperate/begging. Insightful.

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