5 Items Missing From Your Prep

What's missing from your preps?

If you are new to gun shooting, then learning basic gun safety and range officer commands is not enough for you. Most people do not realize but owning a rifle comes with responsibility. You have to ensure that nothing is missing from your prep before you go for shooting. Some experienced shooters may suggest that you need just the essential items in your gear. However, be extra careful and prepare a checklist before you go to the shooting range.

A further piece of advice is to try not to compromise on the quality of these items if you are new to gun range shooting. These items can last for years if you invest in the right ones. So, let us see what you will need.

5 Items for Your Shooting Range Prep

Following are some of the best items that every new gun range shooter should have.

Range Bag

A range bag is an essential part of your prep as you don’t want any inconvenience. This bag is available in various materials and designs, and finding the perfect bag for your range trips will make it easier.

You will need the bag even if you rent a weapon from the shooting range. A range bag should have enough space to carry two pistols, tons of ammunition, your hearing safety gear, and a few snacks in case you want to munch on during breaks.

Quality Range Bag

These range bags are best for people who own guns and want something to carry safely. However, throwing your guns in the bag without checking isn’t the best idea. We suggest you take a look at gun cases or rifle slings to avoid accidental shootings, so you can protect yourself and others at the shooting range.

Safety Equipment

Keeping and handling your guns carefully is essential for safety. In addition, you must ensure to protect your eyes and ears when you are at a shooting range. You may not know, but most shooting ranges let visitors rent these items out for temporary use. However, if you love going to the shooting range frequently, it is best to get your own gear.

 Investing in a good pair of goggles and ear defenders will keep you safe during your shooting practice. Additionally, the safety equipment available at gun ranges may not be of high quality or used by many people already, which will impact your shooting accuracy.

Having your safety gear at the shooting range ensures that you have full control over your weapon. Further, it gives you peace of mind, blocks out distractions, improves your shooting skills, and enhances your overall shooting experience. We also suggest checking out UV-protected goggles if you are going to shoot in the outdoor shooting ranges.

Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kits are a must if you take your weapon to the shooting range. It doesn’t matter how old, or new your gun is; you will need to clean it properly after a shooting session, whether at your home or at the shooting range. You should know that these kits aren’t too expensive, so you don’t have to worry about investing extra money in them.

Everyone should bring a cleaning kit to their shooting range, as using a clean weapon allows shooters to practice with more precision. Cleaning your gun is part of its maintenance and will prolong its life and ensure that it stays in top-notch condition.

You can find several cleaning kits with a collection of the best tools in the market for a relatively affordable price. However, make sure you choose a good quality cleaning kit for your weapon if you want better results.

Pen, Tape, and Camera

Carrying a pen, tape, and a camera are some of the things that most new gun range shooters overlook. These items are a staple for experienced shooters at the range as they can note their shooting score with a pen, helping them keep an eye on their progress (and brag about it later, if it’s good enough).

Similarly, the tape helps keep the targets up, assisting in a perfect shooting experience. Finally, carrying a camera can help you make memories at the shooting range that you can cherish forever. While these items are not must-haves, it is better to carry them if you have enough space in your bag. It will only make your shooting experience more fun and rewarding.

Comfortable Clothing

When you are going to a shooting range, you don’t have to dress up in a suit. It is best to wear comfortable clothes so you can focus on your aim and move your hands/arms easily while shooting. For example, wearing sturdy, close-toed shoes is the most common footwear choice for most shooters.

Similarly, wearing comfortable loose clothes to the shooting range will allow you to easily draw and withdraw your weapon. However, you should not wear shirts or pants that are too loose because it will make it difficult for you to shoot accurately.

We also suggest wearing a full sleeve shirt if you are visiting an outdoor shooting range. Carrying a nice pair of goggles or eyewear can also help you protect your eyes from UV rays.

Bugout Bag, Range Bag

Another Essential Item

Since we have mentioned the basics, here is another suggestion that every shooter must keep when visiting a shooting range.

Magazine Loader/Unloader

Loading and unloading gun magazines can take time and make things harder for you, especially if you are new to gun shooting. You can find these speed loaders in various designs according to your gun; for instance, fixed or detachable speed loaders for semi-automatic firearms are quite popular among shooting range enthusiasts. These loaders slide over the magazine, pushing, pushing the top rounds to the bottom, assisting the loading process.


Having the right items for your shooting range prep can help you with your shooting practice. There are several other shooting range items that you can choose, but these essential things are great to get you started on your target practice.