Armed Protests In Your City- Be Ready With A Prepper Mindset

Armed Protests In Your City- Be Ready With A Prepper Mindset

Although it is hard to imagine an armed protest in your city, it can happen anytime. The world is going through tough times, and threats of violence are more real than ever. The last year has been an eye-opener as many parts of the country went under siege more than once. Civilians have a great deal to worry about as such incidents show that they can never be too safe, even if they live in peaceful cities and have secured homes.

A prepper mindset will make you confident about dealing with the most challenging situations, so it makes sense to be ready with one. The best time to get started with emergency preparation is right now, as you never know when things may get out of control. Here are some prepping measures that can help you and your family to be prepared for armed protests in your city.

Have a plan for hunkering down

When disaster strikes, you will have to choose between staying and leaving. Most homeowners will not want to leave, so it is vital to have a solid plan for hunkering down at home. You have to be well-prepared if you have a family to look after. Families with kids and seniors need to go the extra mile with prepping plans because you will have a lot to handle. The right mindset matters in such critical situations because you have to prioritize safety and common sense to protect your loved ones when the situation is volatile. You will probably have to stay at home for weeks or even months, so a plan for hunkering down will keep you in a safe place.

Stock up on food and water

Stepping out in a city under fire isn’t your best bet. Moreover, you will probably have no place to pick supplies as stores are likely to be closed. The best thing to do is stock up on supplies of food and water. Ideally, you should have a couple of weeks’ supplies at home, even during normal situations. But when you suspect an upcoming emergency, picking stuff for a couple of months is a good idea. Buy items that last and check expiry dates as well. Have plenty of water for your family because you will not want to run out for it at any point.

Pick essentials and medicines

Apart from food and water, you will also need to have enough stock of essentials and medicines to deal with a battle-like situation in your city. After the pandemic rush for toilet paper, it is easy to imagine how bad things can go in stores when emergencies arise. You must have a few months’ stocks of essentials at all times. If a family member uses prescription medicines, talk to your doctor and get enough to last for a couple of months. Buy over-the-counter medications for pain, allergies, fever, and diarrhoea. Having a first-aid kit is equally important as you cannot expect to go out if someone is hurt.

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Secure your family with a firearm

When things get as bad as this, you cannot depend on a baseball bat or kitchen knife to keep your family safe in your living space. A firearm at home gives you confidence about the safety and well-being of your loved ones. You can pick gun optics and accessories to go the extra mile. Just owning a gun and accessories will not help, learning to use it is equally important. While a firearm at your place will keep you and your family safe, you have to practice responsible storage at home. Be extra careful if you have kids around.

Arrange backup power for your living space

The worst that can happen during armed protests is a power failure. Although it is hard to imagine the situation, you need to prepare with backup power in place. Consider buying a generator to keep your appliances up and running during blackouts. You should also have enough fuel in stock to keep it working. It makes sense to charge your phones and devices when things aren’t good outside. A prepper has to be ready with a plan B if there is no backup at all. For example, you must have warm blankets and sleeping bags to keep everyone warm if the heating system goes off in winter.

Have a communicating plan in place

Armed attacks are dangerous from all perspectives. You can expect telephones and internet services to go down, so communicating with your loved ones may get difficult. But make sure to connect whenever possible. Even if you cannot stay in touch with friends or families in other parts of the city or country, stay connected with neighbors. It will be easy for apartment dwellers and those living in close-knit communities. Be willing to help and ask for help when you need it.


Leave when things seem out of control

You may not want to leave your home, but it makes sense to get out when things seem out of control. Assess the situation and keep close track of things as they happen. The authorities may even caution the residents to leave, so pay heed to warnings and trust your instincts. You may consider coming back home later, but leave when you have to. Ensure safety when you have to bug out. Choose safe routes and time to get out of the city. It is even better if you can do it as a group, with neighbors or friends. Have enough gas in your car and carry as much cash as you can arrange. Pack only the essentials so that you don’t load up the vehicle and make the occupants uncomfortable.

You can never be too prepared for an armed attack, but this checklist will help you to be relatively safe. Preparedness keeps you ahead of even the most dangerous situations, so it is wise to do as much as you can. Keep your cool and do not take any risks because the best you can do in such situations is to focus on saving lives.