Things to Carry for Survival in Kashmir During Heavy Snowfall

Witnessing the beauty of Kashmir during winter is still a dream for many snow lovers. The mesmerizing snow-covered valleys in Gulmarg and Srinagar appear as a dreamy white blanket of nature that amazes any hill lover. Most tourists thrill to explore the beautiful decoration of The Himalayas in Kashmir during the winter.

Explore the beautiful decoration of The Himalayas in Kashmir during the winter.

However, to witness such an extraordinary landscape of ‘heaven of Land’ Kashmir, if you are booking your tour package already, make sure you carry all the necessary things for surviving the extensive cold and heavy snowfall in Kashmir. The weather there can be pretty harsh and unbearable if your bag doesn’t include things like a hooded jacket, gloves, thermal wear, and so on.

And, if your travel package offers a majestic expedition to the heavenly surroundings of Gulmarg in Kashmir, you have to carry a few things that will protect you from being frozen in minus 15°c and will help you to survive in any kind of difficult situation.

So, before you hurry to leave for your dream destination, make sure you have carried all the following things in your travel bag:

  1. Padded and Hooded Jackets

Surviving the heavy snowfall in Kashmir isn’t possible without carrying a hooded and padded jacket. Especially, if you have included the North Kashmir expedition in your Thrillophilia’s Jammu & Kashmir tour package during the heavy snow season, it is a must-carry product as your savior.

  1. Moisturizer/Cold cream

The rough climate of Kashmir in winter can make your skin flaky and dry. Hence, in order to protect your skin from the harsh cold weather and keep it hydrated, you must carry a bottle of moisturizer or cold cream. You can use them twice a day to save your skin from being scratchy.

  1. Warm and High ankle shoes

No matter which hill station your destination is, you must carry a set of warm and high ankle shoes. And, if your travel package includes activities like trekking or hiking in the snow-covered areas of Sonamarg and Pahalgam in Kashmir, you have to save your feet from getting slipped. Thus, carrying such high and warm ankle shoes will work as a life savior for you.

  1. Torch

Kashmir is still counted as an underdeveloped area of India. Thus, frequent power cut is a major issue for most tourists visiting there. Until your hotel processes to start their generator, you should keep a torch for safety purposes. Besides, we are quite sure that you don’t want to hurt yourself in the darkness. Therefore, having a torchlight will save you from such situations.

  1. Sunglasses

Unpredictable weather changes in Kashmir during the winter season can be a cause of worrying for you. The high peak areas of Kashmir mostly remain sunny, and if traveling there is a part of your package, you need to protect your eyes from sun damage. Therefore, carrying sunglasses will be a smart idea for you.

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  1. Thermal Wears

Besides stuffing your bags with jackets and sweaters, you must carry a set of thermal wear to protect yourself from the heavy cold wave of Kashmir valley because alone padded jackets and sweaters won’t be able to provide enough warmth.

  1. Mufflers, caps, and gloves

To pair up with your jacket, you should carry a set of mufflers, caps, and gloves. Besides giving you a winter perfect stylish look, it will help you protect yourself from the chilled windy atmosphere of Kashmir and save you from getting cold and coughing.

  1. Necessary Documents

Kashmir is still a sensitive area of India, and because of its highly conservational policies, you might need to go through several security checkpoints. Therefore, carrying valid original copies of identity proofs like passport, Adhaar Card, Pan Card, Driving license will help you to enjoy the dreamy atmosphere of Kashmir without worrying. Besides, you can carry other documents such as a receipt copy of the booking tour package to Kashmir, a copy of flight tickets, medical insurance, and so on.

  1. Sufficient cash

As we have mentioned earlier, Kashmir still falls under the category of underdevelopment areas in India. Hence, finding any kind of upgraded way of transactions can be difficult there. You will not get any instant ATM service nearby. Therefore, while enjoying the ultimate winter vacation in Kashmir, carry enough cash to survive any challenging situation.