What Is the Best First Gun for New gun Owners?

What Is the Best First Gun for New gun Owners?

While many gun enthusiasts begin their journey at a young age, there are just as many late entries into gun ownership these days. Not everyone can build an AR lower into a complete AR 15.

Suppose you’re one of those thousands who are considering purchasing your first firearm. The odds are that you’re more than likely not going to enjoy the benefits of a tactically configured AR15 with an offset RMR red dot optic system attached to the upper receiver.

What you’ll discover is that you have minimal knowledge of firearms, in general, and your first trip to a gun store will be a bewildering mass of choices that will make your head spin.

Whether it’s a shotgun, small or big game rifles, or full-sized or concealed carry pistols, the best thing you should do in advance of your purchase is to do your homework.

Speak with veteran gun owners about their choices, take a few safety training classes that will not only teach you how to handle a firearm safely but give you advanced knowledge of the type of gun you’ll enjoy firing.

For the first-time gun shopper, the three targets you need to hit before you ever fire that first shot mean you’ll want to find a weapon with an acceptable balance of durability, price, of course, and lastly, a gun that is easy to use.

Concerning doing the research, here are a few suggestions that may help your decision-making regardless of whether you’re seeking to purchase your very first rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  


Pistols as a first gun

The field of quality pistols on the market today is vast and can be downright confusing when picking out the right one for you. How you carry one, what you intend to use it for, and what size you need that’s a perfect fit for your hands and shooting style all come into play in the world of pistols.

You’ll likely come across brand names such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer, and others while searching for the best handgun for you. While these companies may provide the best solution, note that it will still take much investigation on your part before you finally choose the right one for you. 

Suppose you decide to search for the perfect concealed carry pistol. While there are no actual guidelines that help you resolve the complex subject of concealed carry, one handgun that arguably comes as close to the perfect handgun is the M&P Shield 9mm from Smith & Wesson. A pistol red dot sight attached to your handgun is a great option for concealed carry.

The M&P Shield has redefined the concealed carry industry for over a decade, offering an affordable pistol with outstanding ergonomics regardless of hand size and seven or eight-shot magazine capacity.

You may want to consider purchasing a Performance Center Shield that offers two ports along the barrel to reduce muzzle flip traditionally experienced with smaller pistols. Buying a Performance Center Shield like the M&P 9mm means making a perfect concealed carry pistol even better for a few dollars more.

While this list of guns for the first-time gun owner is not comprehensive, it should help you on your way to years of exhilarating moments at the range, in the woods hunting small or big game, and while sitting in a duck blind.  


Are rifles a good first gun to own?

Produced for over fifty years, the Ruger 10/22 is arguably one of the best small game rimfire rifles on the market today.

Capable of firing .22 caliber and 22LR caliber cartridges, this single rifle from Ruger has created a proliferation of aftermarket parts and accessories, giving a new gun owner endless customization capabilities that meet and exceed all the needs of a first-time gun owner.

Another fantastic feature of the Ruger 10/22 is that the rifle’s operation has changed very little over the years, providing its owner with a highly reliable and unique rotary-feed magazine and semi-automatic blowback action.

If you dream of being one with nature and making a long shot to bring down a much bigger game but still love the feel and action of your Ruger 10/22, then consider graduating to another rifle by Ruger, the Ruger American.

Ruger introduced the American almost a decade ago, providing a reliable and affordable alternative to Ruger’s Model 77 Hawkeye. The American comes in multiple calibers and various magazine configurations, and the American buttstock integrates with the bedding block to create a free-floating barrel.

The Ruger American also sports an adjustable trigger and a two-position tang-mounted safety system. One of the most notable features aside from the ease of operation that separates the Ruger American from most big game rifles is its out-of-the-box accuracy.

With sufficient amounts of practice, you’ll soon surprise yourself with spectacular shot placement and grouping even if you’re firing a high-velocity caliber round such as a Creedmoor 6.5 at a distance of over one hundred yards.


What about shotguns?

While you can choose a reliable shotgun such as Remington 870 Wingmaster for upland fowl hunting, keep in mind the three things you’ll want to achieve as a first-time gun buyer. Remington offers a shotgun that provides all the excellent functionality of the Wingmaster but at a much more affordable price. With a receiver machined from a single steel block, the Remington 870 express comes in .410, twenty gauge, and 12-gauge models and vent-ribbed barrels of either twenty-six or twenty-eight inches.

Like its cousin, the Wingmaster, the 870 Express is a literal no-frills workhorse for upland hunting and handles two and three quarter and three-inch shells consistently and effectively. The 870 express from Remington also comes in compact and Jr. versions for the younger first-time upland hunters.

One of the best things about a pump shotgun is that most of them hit the sweet spot for affordability.

In 2020 Browning introduced the BPS Field Mossy Oak Shadow Grass. Though this waterfowl pump shotgun is slightly heavier, weighing in at around eight pounds, if you’re sitting in a duck blind, the additional weight probably won’t be much of an issue.

The Mossy Oak Shadow Grass is somewhat more costly than other Browning shotguns, but it does offer one fantastic feature that makes it a perfect choice for both the veteran and the first-time waterfowl hunter.

Browning manufactures the BPS Field Mossy Oak so that the spent shells eject straight down from the bottom of the shotgun receiver. Browning’s straight-down approach to shell ejections prevents distraction and helps you keep your eyes on the sight and the target.

An essential factor, especially for a first timer who needs plenty of practice learning to hit those fast-moving birds on the wing.  


You’ll discover that purchasing and firing your first gun will become a very personal moment for you. Many veteran gun enthusiasts will quickly point out and proudly display the very first gun they ever purchased.

Over time while on your journey from novice to veteran gun owner, you’ll never forget the first gun you ever bought and will probably want to break it down, clean it and take it to the range for a few hours of nostalgic shooting.